Bobbin Holders

Bobbin Holders

Perfect support to your roving bobbin and safety at work

Millennium Series Bobbin Holders
The internal brake system and self-lubricating bearing with rust-proof stainless balls provides controlled stick- slip free unwinding of the yarn. This helps in reducing the thick-thin faults in the yarn.
The metal parts are manufactured from prime quality cold rolled steel strips and electroplated for protection against corrosion in humid environment. The springs are manufactured from best in the class spring wires and are heat set for consistent performance.

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Specially designed trip-ring mechanism locks the bobbin with the BBH to act as a uni-body

Avoids bobbin lifting and thus prevents bobbin falling

Avoids bobbin tilting to provide stable bobbin holding

Ensures safety to humans and machine parts

With the help of locking sleeve and locking spring inside the BBH, the trip-ring is pushed against the bobbin, due to which the bobbin is locked with the BBH

Even aged bobbins are held firmly by MEGA, as a result, replacement time of bobbins is reduced

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