Dye Cheese & Cones

Dye Cheese & Cones

Wide range of Dyeing
Cheese family

Ideal has successfully launched the family of Dyeing cheese comprising of Axially Flexible, One-way dyeing cheese with protected transfer tail.

These are available for Yarn steaming and dyeing at full range of temperatures and pressures.

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Ideal Introduces special Yarn dyeing cheese for high shrinkage and high temperature yarn dyeing.
Due to high shrinkage, most of the plastic cheese will break or compress. Therefore, the industry is using one-time-use dye cheese. This is an expensive process and generate lot of carbon footprints.

  • Our special polymer is able to withstand the shrinkage as well as the temperature.
  • The dye cheese cab be used upto 100 cycles depending on the temperature and type of yarn.


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